Wild Black Yonder

Episode 2

Wild Black Yonder

*Wild Black Yonder

_It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of Civil War. Meanwhile Scoundrels and Smugglers, Explorers and Expatriates, and Fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

These ne’erdowells, Cain, a troubled Jawa computer expert, R5-T7, a covert assassin droid, and Arnis Sokotoski, a disgraced Imperial with a grudge have been drawn together by the strings of fate on a decomissioned Trade Federation space station. Now woven together, they head out into wild space, looking to explore an undiscovered by society planet.

Having already braved a terrorist attack from the Followers of the Blessed Void, a cult bent on bringing society to it’s knees, and the murder of their savior, Yithrax Kodo, an Ithorian ship captain of the Intrepid Adventurer. They head out from their new employer, Pala Al’Durir, a Falleen archeological professor based in Liarra, they seek adventure, knowning not what awaits them.

Over the last couple days, Arniss has been getting treatment from the field medic, to try and patch up some of his wounds. She was successful, but his attempts to woo her were not. ’You’re just not smart enough for me.’ She finally tells him.

The party is called in, and introduced to 2 more members of their field team, a
Trandoshan Big Game Hunter and a Dug Survivalist. They set out to their unexplored system, and land on a jungle planet, they determine off of some basic scanning. Anything further is blocked by some interference.

They land in a clearing, and set out. The sweltering heat takes it’s toll on most, but some of the Outdoorsmen and the Jawa are less impacted by the heat of this dual sunned jungle. The first day goes rather uneventfully. At night, the watch discovers a carnivorous plant near camp and directs everyone away from it.

They find what seems like an overgrown path, and begin following it. Down a bit further, it looks like something has been clearing it. They continue on and are ambushed by an Acklay. It does a number of Arniss, leaving him At The Brink, but within short order, the party has felled the beast, with Levington Queensland Argyle the 5th landing the killing blow.

They continue onward for a great distance. Eventually, Cain notices flecks of plating in the moss they are walking through. They go to take a closer look, and the very ground beneath them awakens. A mass of organic plant matter fused with machinery comes to life, massive tentacles whipping about, attempting to find what has disturbed it. The Big Game Hunter recalls reading about the possible existence of things like this, as left overs from a Precursor race. A few members of the party are horrified by this discovery, and they all manage to quickly run off of the mass that’s the size of a city block. It begins surging towards them, and they run for their lives. Rog, their field leader stumbles and the party panics, but sadly the medic was just not fast enough, and is caught and consumed by the mass. This buys Rog enough time to continue on, and they run and run, until they look down, and they’ve run onto a platform made of silver.

They explore this massive platform and find 2 bunkers and a massive pillar. The Jawa notices that he’s got a signal on his datapad. He’s positively delighted, and goes into a frenzy of computer activity. The party find their way into the bunkers splitting up to check out each bunker, they find stairs leading down, the Astromech’s worst enemy…

Cain realizes this is some sort of giant antenna. He finds another, weak signal while down in the one bunker. They find a mass of computers in the bunker, but Cain has already wandered off, toward the pillar. He goes in, and finds a 2 meter tall insect in a stasis tube. He frees it as the party shows up. It introduces itself as Krk, a servant of the precursors. It begins communicating with them telepathically, which drives the droid insane. He can only hear some of the conversation. Krk reveals that this was a relay station used for communication, and that there are more like it.

The rest of the party shows up with a bunch of precursor artifacts, and Rog levels her blaster a moment after seeing Krk. She asks how many of it’s kind there are and if it’s male of female. Krk responds 1, and male. Krk offers to accompany them offworld since his purpose is long ago fulfilled, and they accept.

Meanwhile, Cain has turned on the relay, hoping to use this, and others like it to set up his own network of communications.

They continue looking around the place for a week, and head back to a very pleased professor Al’Durir. She pays them a bonus, and they settle upon naming the planet Relay…



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