Wild Black Yonder

Episode 1: The Beginning Of The End

*_A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of Civil War. Meanwhile Scoundrels and Smugglers, Explorers and Expatriates, and Fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.

On a Imperial free space station known as The Wheel, a few such societary washouts have business here. Despite their disapparate backgrounds, these oddballs find themselves drawn together by the strings of fate…_
The party found themselves here for various reasons, R5, tracking a quarry, a droid terrorizing the area, Cain, because he had just done shady work for the local Imperials, and Arniss, because he was bodyguarding a Corellian merchant passing through, one Tabrese Chodo.

Waiting to go through the spaceport security check, an agitated man getting checked out pulls out a knife and quickly stabs the security officer. Suddenly, others drew weapons and began firing into the crowds. The first man cried out, ""The end of profaning the void is at hand! This manmade cancer shall be burned, as shall all others like it! So sayeth the Followers of the Blessed Void!"

With that, Arniss sprung into action, attempting to fight off some of these terrorists. R5 fired off a stun grenade into a crowd of them, and Cain looking to help from a computer terminal. Soon, they were overwhelmed and fled the scene. They looked for passage off this station, and were turned down numerous times by fleeing ships into an Ithorian in beat up spacer gear waved them and a crowd of refugees into his hold, shutting it as the cultists arrived. They took off quickly, and left for Lianna, which thankfully for Arniss, was where his client was already heading.

The Ithorian captain introduced himself as Yithrax Kodo, and explained that he was hauling them to safety on Lianna, along with some stones to an archeology professor. The professor might have some work for them, if they’re looking for a few bucks.

They meet Levington Queensland Argyle the 5th and his Gran ‘manservant’ Burke. Levington is a boisterous and enthusiastic noble looking to prove his worth in his chosen field, archeology, he was heading to Lianna himself, to present himself and his letter of recommendation from his cousin to the head of the archeology department there.

Partway through their trek, a bloodcurdling scream disturbs them. People rush to find a refugee standing in front of the dead body of Yithrax. An investigation of the murder scene indicates that the cockpit doors were shut at the time, and Yithrax bellowed, doing damage to the cockpit. The mortal wound was from a jagged knife.

The party tries a few avenues of investigation that are fruitless and cause panic amongst the refugees, until they recall the Ithorian Bellow, and look for someone with hearing problems. They single the man out, and he attacks Arniss, but is put down by a smack from a whip from Levington. They decide to tie the unconscious murderer up.

Meanwhile, Cain is looking at the cockpit computers, and notices that their course is plotted directly into the Lianna sun. He asks the astromech droid for help, but finds out that R5 is useless in his normal profession. The Jawa panickedly programs in new coordinates, but passes out from the strain. A bit off course, but safe, R5 pilots the ship down to Lianna’s capital, and after getting questioned about the events, they head with Yithrax’s cargo, cases of ancient stones, to the Lianna Collegium to turn in his final mission at least.

There, they meet Pala Al’Durir, a Falleen professor in charge of the archeology department, and curator of a museum she’s setting up. Pala ends up hiring the PCs are part of a crew to investigate a world out in Wild Space for 500 credits a piece. They are introduced to the rest of their crew:

Anjo Kodo, Yithrix’s son, Ithorian Pilot
Ashley Tobias, Human Field Medic
Levington Queensland Argyle The 5th, Human Researcher
Burke, Gran Security
Rog’aruat’dozo- Chiss Field Leader/Scout



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